Xyrem generic

Xyrem is an anti-narcoleptic drug owned by Jazz Pharms. The active ingredient in Xyrem is sodium oxybate. It was first authorized for market use on 17 July, 2002. Xyrem has a total of 16 drug patents, out of which 2 have already expired.

When will Xyrem generic be available?

The last patent of Xyrem will expire on 15 September, 2033, making the release of Xyrem generics possible after this date. This patent, US11253494, is titled 'Method of administration of gamma hydroxybutyrate with monocarboxylate transporters'.

Xyrem uses

Xyrem is primarily used for treating patients suffering from excessive daytime sleepiness and/or cataplexy in narcolepsy. It serves this use with the help of its active ingredient, sodium oxybate. Xyrem can be particularly useful when the patient is concomitantly administered sodium oxybate and divalproex sodium, as it can help reduce adverse effects. Xyrem is also used in a method of treating a patient with a prescription drug using a computer database in a computer system for distribution and is available in solution; oral dosage forms.

Xyrem patent expiration

Xyrem has 16 registered patents with the latest one being 'Method of administration of gamma hydroxybutyrate with monocarboxylate transporters'. The Xyrem generic is expected after the expiration of the last patent on 15 September, 2033. Below are the details of the patents:

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