Elbasvir; Grazoprevir Patent Expiration

1. Zepatier patent expiration

Can you believe ZEPATIER received compensation for the extended wait time during the regulatory approval process?
Drug Patent Number Company Drug Patent Title Drug Patent Expiry Activity Alert
These drug patents protects the active chemical substance. Only drug patent owner can launch products that use this active substance.
US7973040 MSD SUB MERCK Macrocyclic quinoxaline compounds as HCV NS3 protease inhibitors
Jul, 2029

(5 years from now)

US8871759 MSD SUB MERCK Inhibitors of hepatitis C virus replication
May, 2031

(6 years from now)

Drug Exclusivity Drug Exclusivity Expiration
New Chemical Entity Exclusivity(NCE) Jan 28, 2021
New Patient Population(NPP) Dec 09, 2024

NCE-1 date: 29 January, 2020

Market Authorisation Date: 28 January, 2016

Treatment: Treatment of patients infected with hepatitis c virus

Dosage: TABLET

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