Proair Hfa generic

Proair Hfa is an inhalable drug owned by Teva Branded Pharm. The active ingredient in Proair Hfa is albuterol sulfate. This drug was first authorized for market use on 29 October, 2004.

When will Proair Hfa generic be available?

The generic version of Proair Hfa could potentially be released after 01 January, 2032, following the expiration of the last patent. It's worth noting that the drug has a total of 10 patents, 1 of which has already expired.

Proair Hfa uses

Proair Hfa, with its active ingredient albuterol sulfate, is used in the treatment of asthma and other lung diseases. It is an aerosol, metered inhalation drug that makes breathing easier by reducing swelling and irritation in the airways.

Proair Hfa patent expiration

Proair Hfa holds a total of 10 patents, with US10561808, entitled 'Dose counter for inhaler having an anti-reverse rotation actuator', set to expire last on 01 January, 2032. This would pave the way for the release of Proair Hfa generic. Below are the details of the patent:

Litigations filed on Proair Hfa

Proair Hfa dosage

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