Noxafil generic

Noxafil, a drug from Schering corporation, contains the active ingredient posaconazole, and was first authorized for market use on 15th September, 2006. It is available in an oral suspension dosage form.

When will Noxafil generic be available?

With the recent expiry of its sole patent (US8263600) on 1st April, 2022, the release of Noxafil generics has become plausible.

Noxafil uses

Thanks to its core component - posaconazole, Noxafil is efficacious in staving off fungal infections. This antifungal composition facilitates enhanced bioavailability.

Noxafil patent expiration

Noxafil is covered by 1 patented technology, which has now expired and recorded as US8263600. This patent was renowned for its antifungal composition with enhanced bioavailability. Given the recent patent expiry, the release of Noxafil generic is imminent. Below are the details of the patent:

Noxafil dosage

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