Kyleena generic

Kyleena is an intrauterine contraceptive device owned by Bayer Hlthcare. The active ingredient in this device is levonorgestrel. It was authorized for market use on 16 September, 2016. Kyleena has a total of 6 drug patents of which one has expired.

When will Kyleena generic be available?

The last patent of Kyleena will expire on 1 April, 2031. Following this, the generic versions of Kyleena are expected to hit the market. The expiry of the patent will allow other pharmaceutical companies to manufacture generic versions of this intrauterine device.

Kyleena uses

Kyleena is used as a method of contraceptive positioning an intrauterine system (ius). It is employed by determining the depth of the uterus, holding the inserter handle with one hand, inserting the ius into the uterus, and retracting a slider on the handle to release the ius into the uterus.

Kyleena patent expiration

Kyleena holds 6 drug patents, with the last one expiring on 1 April, 2031. Several of these patents pertain to the unique 'inserter' that aids in positioning the device in the uterus. One patent, which has already expired, involved a 'delivery system' and its manufacturing process. For more details on Kyleena's patents and the potential release of Kyleena generic, see below:

EPO Oppostions filed on Kyleena

Kyleena dosage

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