Esbriet generic

Esbriet is an anti-fibrotic drug owned by Genentech Inc. It contains the active ingredient pirfenidone and was first authorized for market use on January 11, 2017. Esbriet is available in oral tablet forms and has a total of 21 patents.

When will Esbriet generic be available?

The generic version of Esbriet can be expected to be released after March 28, 2037. This is based on the last patent 'Granulate formulation of 5-methyl-1-phenyl-2-(1H)-pyridone and method of making the same,' which will expire on this date.

Esbriet uses

Esbriet containing pirfenidone is used for treating a variety of fibrotic conditions. Its specific uses include modifying pirfenidone dosage after liver function abnormalities, ensuring continued administration post elevated liver enzymes, and adapting the treatment to reduce drug interactions with fluvoxamine. It's also used for the treatment of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis based on certain biomarkers.

Esbriet patent expiration

Esbriet's patents, including details like 'Modifying pirfenidone treatment for patients with atypical liver function', 'Pirfenidone therapy and inducers of cytochrome P450', and many more, protect it from generic release until 2037. The release of Esbriet's generic rests on the expiry of the last patent, which will be in 2037. Below are the details of the patents:

EPO Oppostions filed on Esbriet

Esbriet dosage

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