Epinephrine generic

epinephrine is an emergency treatment drug owned by Belcher. This drug contains the active ingredient epinephrine. Marketed in various dosage forms such as solution; intravenous, intraocular, intramuscular, subcutaneous, the drug was first authorized for use on 29 July, 2014. epinephrine holds a total of 3 patents, none of which have expired yet.

When will Epinephrine generic be available?

The generic version of Epinephrine is projected to be available after 15 August, 2034. This is based on the expiration date of its last patent, specifically patent number US9283197, titled 'More potent and less toxic formulations of epinephrine and methods of medical use,' which expires on 15 August, 2034. The other two patents, US10004700 and US10039728, both titled 'More potent and less toxic formulations of epinephrine and methods of medical use', expire one day earlier on 14 August, 2034.

Epinephrine uses

epinephrine serves multiple purposes in medical emergencies. It is primarily used in the emergency treatment of allergic reactions type 1, including anaphylaxis. It can also be used to increase the mean arterial blood pressure in adult patients with hypotension associated with septic shock. Another significant use of epinephrine is in the induction and maintenance of mydriasis during intraocular surgery.

Epinephrine patent expiration

Epinephrine holds three patents, all focusing on its potent yet less toxic formulations and their medical uses. These patents expire on the 14th and 15th of August 2034, which strongly influences the release date for the Epinephrine generic. Below is the details of the patents:

Litigations filed on Epinephrine

Epinephrine dosage

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