Amitiza generic

Amitiza is an anti-constipation drug owned by Sucampo Pharma Llc. The active ingredient in Amitiza is lubiprostone. The drug was first authorized for market use on 31 January, 2006 and is available in capsule oral dosage forms. Amitiza has a total of 9 patents, out of which 4 have already expired.

When will Amitiza generic be available?

The patent that would have the greatest impact on the release of Amitiza's generic is, US8026393, titled 'Soft-gelatin capsule formulation'. It is due to expire on 25th October 2027. Thus, we can expect the Amitiza generic to be available post its expiration.

Amitiza uses

Amitiza is used in treating various health conditions that are related to bowel disorders. It can be used for treating irritable bowel syndrome and abdominal discomfort associated with it. Also, it serves as a method for relieving constipation in patients with opioid-induced constipation, which works by administering to the patient a dosage unit that comprises of 24 micrograms of lubiprostone and a pharmaceutically suitable excipient.

Amitiza patent expiration

Amitiza is protected by 9 patents, with the last patent, US8026393: 'Soft-gelatin capsule formulation', set to expire on 25th October 2027. This patent's expiry will pave the way for the Amitiza generic. For more details on each of the patents, refer to the details below:

Amitiza dosage

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