Latest patents of Novartis published after 2022 at the EPO

Patent Number Title Grant Date Activity Alert
EP3124018B2 Oral Formulations Of Deferasirox 24 Apr, 2024
EP3023095B2 Direct Compression Formulation And Process 08 Nov, 2023
EP2784084B2 Il-17 A/F Heterologous Polypeptides And Therapeutics Uses Thereof 04 Oct, 2023
EP2964202B2 Oral Formulations Of Deferasirox 31 May, 2023
EP3618875B1 Combination Therapy 05 Apr, 2023
EP3858405B1 Syringe 05 Apr, 2023
EP3294283B1 Sacubitril-Valsartan Dosage Regimen For Treating Heart Failure 08 Mar, 2023
EP3805248B1 Process For Concentration Of Antibodies And Therapeutic Products Thereof 18 Jan, 2023
EP3647783B1 Identifying Patient Response To S1P Receptor Modulator Administration 21 Dec, 2022
EP3119423B1 Treatment Of Cancer Using Chimeric Antigen Receptor 14 Dec, 2022
EP3738585B1 Direct Compression Formulation And Process 14 Dec, 2022
EP3067043B1 Pharmaceutical Compositions Based On Superstructures Of Angiotensin Receptor Antagonist/Blocker (Arb) And Neutral Endopeptidase (Nep) Inhibitor 30 Nov, 2022
EP3283058B1 Ribociclib Tablet 16 Nov, 2022
EP2959894B1 S1P Receptor Modulators For Treating Multiple Sclerosis 12 Oct, 2022
EP3560498B1 Combination Comprising An Mek Inhibitor And A B-Raf Inhibitor 17 Aug, 2022
EP2307457B2 Stable And Soluble Antibodies Inhibiting Tnf 22 Jun, 2022
EP3407945B1 Method For Measuring Flow Features In An Inhaler, Inhaler And System 04 May, 2022
EP3345602B1 Rapamycin Derivative For Treating Advanced Solid Tumours 06 Apr, 2022
EP3656373B1 Syringe 16 Feb, 2022
EP3777834B1 Syringe 16 Feb, 2022