Latest patents of Basf published after 2022 at the EPO

Patent Number Title Grant Date Activity Alert
EP2539040B2 Improved Catalyzed Soot Filter 15 May, 2024
EP2820189B2 Process For The Manufacture Of Paper And Paperboard 15 May, 2024
EP3334277B2 Nonaqueous Pesticide Suspension Comprising A Water Soluble Solvent, An Inorganic Thickener, And An Alkoxylate 28 Feb, 2024
EP3528608B2 Planning And Implementing Agricultural Measures 10 Jan, 2024
EP3077436B2 Polyurethanes Having Reduced Aldehyde Emission 15 Nov, 2023
EP2306837B2 Pestcidal Active Mixtures Comprising Isoxazoline Compounds I 25 Oct, 2023
EP3917749B1 Method For Preparing Starch Blends 11 Oct, 2023
EP2414430B2 Method For Producing Low-Chlorine Polybiphenyl Sulfone Polymers 13 Sep, 2023
EP3044249B2 Polyarylene Ether Sulfone-Polymers For Membrane Applications 13 Sep, 2023
EP3055353B2 Method For Producing Expanded Thermoplastic Elastomer Particles 23 Aug, 2023
EP3358932B2 Method For Operating A Harvesting Machine With The Aid Of A Plant Growth Model 23 Aug, 2023
EP2579983B2 Nox Storage Catalyst With Reduced Rh Loading 09 Aug, 2023
EP3334276B2 Nonaqueous Pesticide Suspension Comprising A Water Soluble Solvent, An Inorganic Thickener, And An Alkoxylate 28 Jun, 2023
EP3850033B1 Polyarylene Ether Sulfone 17 May, 2023
EP3966260B1 Aqueous Polymer Latex 19 Apr, 2023
EP3930670B1 Biobased Pearlescent Waxes 05 Apr, 2023
EP3371234B1 Method For Producing Thermoplastic Polyurethanes 29 Mar, 2023
EP2841581B2 Targeted Genome Engineering In Plants 08 Mar, 2023
EP3516000B2 Aqueous Base Coats Having An Improved Ring Line Stability 01 Mar, 2023
EP3487895B1 Process For Preparing An Aqueous Polymer Dispersion Having High Chemical Resistance 01 Feb, 2023
EP2969205B1 Zoned Catalyst For Diesel Applications 18 Jan, 2023
EP2651991B2 Stable Polyacrylic Acids, Their Manufacture And Their Use 21 Dec, 2022
EP3193621B2 An Agrochemical Suspension Concentrate Comprising An Alkoxylated Alcohol Dissolved In The Aqueous Phase 21 Dec, 2022
EP3356457B2 Plasticizer Composition Containing Polymeric Dicarboxylic Acid Esters And 1,2-Cyclohexane Dicarboxylic Acid Esters 21 Dec, 2022
EP2382031B2 Emissions Treatment Systems And Methods With Catalyzed Scr Filter And Downstream Scr Catalyst 14 Dec, 2022
EP2758168B2 Diesel Oxidation Catalyst With Layered Structure Containing Ceria Composition As Palladium Support Material For Enhanced Hc And Co Gas Conversion 16 Nov, 2022
EP3046778B2 Heat Transfer Films For The Dry Coating Of Surfaces 17 Aug, 2022
EP3558896B1 Mixture Of Aryl Substituted (Thio)Phosphoric Acid Triamide Urease Inhibitors With Phosphorus-Containing Urea Fertilizers 17 Aug, 2022
EP3864118B1 Method Of Producing Biodiesel 17 Aug, 2022
EP2922882B2 A Process For Producing Surface-Postcrosslinked Water-Absorbent Polymer Particles 03 Aug, 2022
EP3841166B1 Stabilized Rotomolded Polyolefin 20 Jul, 2022
EP3201348B2 Method For Preparing An Aqueous Acrylamide Solution Having A Low Acrylic Acid Concentration 29 Jun, 2022
EP2416877B1 Zoned Catalysts For Diesel Applications 08 Jun, 2022
EP3468339B1 Method For Ascertaining Plant Properties Of A Useful Plant 13 Apr, 2022
EP3256422B1 Process For The Preparation Of A Dealuminated Zeolitic Material Having The Bea Framework Structure 06 Apr, 2022
EP3749450B1 Catalyst Effective In The Oxidative Conversion Of Ethylene To Ethylene Oxide 06 Apr, 2022
EP3754543B1 System And Method For Plant Disease Detection Support 06 Apr, 2022
EP3142992B2 Process For Preparing An Unsaturated Carboxylic Acid Salt 16 Feb, 2022
EP2776447B2 Method For Producing Oxo-Vinyl-Ionol And O-Protected Derivatives Thereof 05 Jan, 2022
EP3066051B1 A Tin-Containing Zeolitic Material Having A Bea Framework Structure 05 Jan, 2022