WYETH LLC patents facing oppositions

Top patents of WYETH LLC facing oppositions at the European Patent Office (EPO).

Patent Number Grant Date Patent Title Expected Expiration Date Facing Oppositions Activity Alert
EP3000467B1 01 Mar, 2023 Treatment regimen utilizing neratinib for breast cancer Mar, 2030 3
EP2059258B1 13 Nov, 2019 Arginine wash in protein purification using affinity chromatography Sep, 2027 2
EP3225233B1 14 Aug, 2019 Sodium chloride solution for drug reconstitution Oct, 2026 2
EP3002009B1 07 Jul, 2021 Treatment of imatinib resistant chronic myelogenous leukemia having the mutaton 1457t>c in the bcrabl gene using the compound bosutinib May, 2028 1
EP3549601B1 24 Feb, 2021 Non-lipidated variants of neisseria meningitidis orf2086 antigens Sep, 2031 1
EP3246044B1 30 Dec, 2020 Stable formulations of neisseria meningitidis rlp2086 antigens Aug, 2031 1
EP2368914B1 02 Jan, 2019 Anti-5T4 antibodies and uses thereof Mar, 2027 1