UPM KYMMENE patents facing oppositions

Top patents of UPM KYMMENE facing oppositions at the European Patent Office (EPO).

Patent Number Grant Date Patent Title Expected Expiration Date Facing Oppositions Activity Alert
EP3058050B1 Process for producing hydrocarbons from crude tall oil and tall oil pitch NA 3
EP2981595B1 Renewable hydrocarbon composition NA 2
EP2890539B1 A method and a system for manufacturing a composite product and a composite product NA 2
EP3865551B1 25 Jan, 2023 Binder composition NA 2
EP2984135B1 09 Mar, 2022 A composite having acoustic properties, manufacturing the composite, a component comprising a composite, manufacturing the component and uses thereof NA 2
EP3074410B1 11 Nov, 2020 A method for treating lignin and for producing a binder composition NA 2
EP3083651B1 28 Oct, 2020 A method for treating lignin and for producing a binder composition NA 2
EP2940111B1 30 Jan, 2019 Process and system for producing fuel components NA 2
EP2831088B1 02 Aug, 2017 Lignin and method and system for processing lignin NA 2
EP2262948B1 A method for crystallizing a filler in connection with a fiber web process, and an approach system for a fiber web machine NA 1
EP2665862B1 Method for improving strength and retention, and paper product NA 1
EP2672950B1 Anti-inflammatory effect of microfibrillated cellulose NA 1
EP2780419B1 A composite product, a method for manufacturing a composite product and its use, a material component and a final product NA 1
EP3024976B1 Method of modifying nanofibrillar cellulose composition NA 1
EP3126297B1 Method and system for reducing phosphorus in effluent or filtrate NA 1
EP2606181B1 07 Oct, 2020 A method and a system for precipitation of calcium carbonate and a product comprising calcium carbonate NA 1
EP2930231B1 17 Jun, 2020 Process and apparatus for purifying material of biological origin NA 1
EP2941568B1 06 May, 2020 Method and apparatus for transporting viscous material NA 1
EP3237025B1 24 Apr, 2019 Heat treatment of a nanofibrillar cellulose hydrogel NA 1
EP2914412B1 17 Apr, 2019 A composite structure with vibrational properties NA 1
EP2838979B1 13 Mar, 2019 Process for purification of biological feed material NA 1
EP2576731B1 21 Nov, 2018 Process and apparatus for producing fuel from a biological origin through a single hydroprocessing step in the presence of a niw catalyst NA 1
EP2454343B1 05 Sep, 2018 Process and apparatus for producing hydrocarbons by hydrogenating a terpene feed NA 1
EP3126570B1 29 Aug, 2018 Method for producing nanofibrillar cellulose and nanofibrillar cellulose product NA 1
EP3049568B2 22 Aug, 2018 Method for preparing furnish and paper product NA 1
EP3077592B2 13 Jun, 2018 Method for making modified cellulose products NA 1
EP2993201B1 03 May, 2017 A method for increasing the reactivity of lignin NA 1