TAKEDA PHARMACEUTICAL patents facing oppositions

Top patents of TAKEDA PHARMACEUTICAL facing oppositions at the European Patent Office (EPO).

Patent Number Grant Date Patent Title Expected Expiration Date Facing Oppositions Activity Alert
EP3121266B8 26 Feb, 2020 Oligopeptide-free cell culture media NA 6
EP3263110B1 10 May, 2023 Solid preparation NA 1
EP3521422B1 06 Oct, 2021 Substantially animal protein-free recombinat furin and methods for producing same Dec, 2028 1
EP3060582B1 23 Sep, 2020 Assays for determining plasma kallikrein system biomarkers NA 1
EP2094246B1 01 Apr, 2020 Sustained-release composition and method for producing the same NA 1
EP3071219B1 14 Nov, 2018 Methods of treating antibody-mediated rejection in organ transplant patients with c1-esterase inhibitor NA 1
EP2867245B1 12 Sep, 2018 Purification of iduronate-2-sulfatase NA 1
EP2300013B1 06 Sep, 2017 Phosphorous derivatives as kinase inhibitors NA 1