REGENERON PHARMACEUTICALS patents facing oppositions

Top patents of REGENERON PHARMACEUTICALS facing oppositions at the European Patent Office (EPO).

Patent Number Grant Date Patent Title Expected Expiration Date Facing Oppositions Activity Alert
EP3716992B1 10 Aug, 2022 Use of a vegf antagonist to treat angiogenic eye disorders Nov, 2038 4
EP2944306B1 27 Jan, 2021 Vegf antagonist formulations suitable for intravitreal administration Jun, 2027 3
EP3645553B1 15 Mar, 2023 Tropism-modified recombinant viral particles and uses thereof for the targeted introduction of genetic material into human cells Jun, 2038 2
EP3697887B1 06 Apr, 2022 Perfusion bioreactor and related methods of use NA 2
EP3351620B1 02 Sep, 2020 Metabolically optimized cell culture NA 2
EP2756004B1 25 Dec, 2019 Methods for reducing lipoprotein(a) levels by administering an inhibitor of proprotein convertase subtilisin kexin-9 (pcsk9) NA 2
EP2970876B1 11 Jul, 2018 Serum-free cell culture medium NA 2
EP2516457B9 Humanized fc gamma r mice NA 1
EP3695012B1 08 Mar, 2023 Inhibition of hsd17b13 in the treatment of liver disease in patients expressing the pnpla3 i148m variation NA 1
EP3626819B1 31 Mar, 2021 Transgenic mouse which produces hybrid antibodies containing human variable regions and mouse constant regions NA 1
EP3063543B1 11 Mar, 2020 Competitive ligand binding assay for detecting neutralizing antibodies NA 1
EP2790681B9 22 Jan, 2020 Polymer protein microparticles NA 1
EP2738258B2 25 Sep, 2019 Adam6 mice NA 1
EP3262168B1 21 Aug, 2019 Host cell protein modification NA 1
EP2578688B2 24 Jul, 2019 Adam6 mice NA 1
EP3085780B2 26 Jun, 2019 Producing hybrid antibodies containing human variable regions and rodent constant regions NA 1
EP3085779B2 03 Apr, 2019 Method of modifying eukaryotic cells NA 1
EP3055409B1 25 Apr, 2018 Metabolically optimized cell culture NA 1