LOREAL patents facing oppositions

Top patents of LOREAL facing oppositions at the European Patent Office (EPO).

Patent Number Grant Date Patent Title Expected Expiration Date Facing Oppositions Activity Alert
EP3554461B1 24 Mar, 2021 Cosmetic composition comprising solid fatty substances and a gelling polymer Dec, 2037 4
EP3256100B1 29 Jun, 2022 Cosmetic composition comprising linear sulfonate olefins and non oxyalkylated anionic surfactants Dec, 2035 2
EP3082711B1 08 Sep, 2021 Composition of pickering emulsion comprising low amount of alcohol Dec, 2033 2
EP3294264B1 23 Jun, 2021 Composition for keratin fibers May, 2036 2
EP2337472B1 09 Oct, 2019 A cosmetic or dermatological system with automatic adjustment of the properties of a preparation as a function of data transmitted by a transmitter external to the system Oct, 2029 2
EP2866776B1 24 Jul, 2019 Two coat process for dyeing keratin fibres NA 2
EP3233030B1 19 Jun, 2019 Composition in the form of o/w emulsion Dec, 2035 2
EP2787965B1 12 Jun, 2019 Composition based on red henna powder and oil(s), and hair dyeing process using this composition Dec, 2032 2
EP3043768B2 01 May, 2019 Method for the treatment of hair from a composition comprising an organic monoacid and a cellulosic polymer NA 2
EP3273934B1 24 Apr, 2019 Method for cosmetic treatment of the hair NA 2
EP2196189B1 06 Mar, 2019 Cosmetic sunscreen compositions based on synergistic filter mixture and their use Nov, 2022 2
EP2950774B1 25 Jul, 2018 Dye composition using at least one coupler of meta-phenylenediamine type substituted in position 4 in a medium comprising a fatty substance, processes and device NA 2
EP3062761B1 Two-phase composition comprising a fatty acid ester of sugar or a liquid alkyl polyglucoside, with an hlb<8, and a c8-c18 branched alkane NA 1
EP3458018B2 07 Feb, 2024 Cosmetic composition comprising anionic surfactants, amphoteric surfactants, cationic polymers and liquid fatty substances chosen from fatty alco-hols and fatty esters, and cosmetic treatment process May, 2037 1
EP3244874B2 15 Nov, 2023 Cosmetic composition for keratin fibers and manufacturing method thereof Dec, 2035 1
EP2651372B2 25 Oct, 2023 Aerosol device having two compartments including an alcoholic or hydroalcoholic hairstyling composition, and hairstyling method Dec, 2031 1
EP3565521B2 11 Oct, 2023 O/w emulsion comprising a c16-c30 fatty alcohol, an anionic surfactant, an oil, a wax and a hydrophilic solvent Dec, 2037 1
EP2872106B2 02 Aug, 2023 Composite pigment and method for preparing the same Jul, 2032 1
EP3512486B2 12 Jul, 2023 Blue powder and use thereof in cosmetics Sep, 2037 1
EP3337447B2 07 Jun, 2023 Process for treating keratin fibres with an alkoxysilane polymer bearing a nucleophilic group and an activated (thio)ester Aug, 2036 1
EP3551160B1 25 Jan, 2023 Flexible solid cosmetic composition comprising sulfonate anionic surfactants, fatty esters and fatty alcohols, and cosmetic treatment method Nov, 2037 1
EP3886795B1 14 Dec, 2022 Composition for keratin fibers comprising a direct dye Nov, 2039 1
EP2906301B1 07 Sep, 2022 Aqueous wax dispersions and hair styling compositions containing them Oct, 2033 1
EP3386475B1 31 Aug, 2022 Composition for cleansing keratin materials with improved rinsing properties Dec, 2035 1
EP3256099B1 20 Jul, 2022 Cosmetic composition comprising linear alpha-olefin sulfonates, anionic and nonionic and/or amphoteric surfactants Dec, 2035 1
EP3558218B1 04 May, 2022 Hair lightening composition comprising hydrogen peroxide, a peroxygenated salt, a bicarbonate and at least one polyphosphorus derivative Dec, 2037 1
EP3169304B1 27 Apr, 2022 Sprayable sunscreen composition with oil beads Jul, 2034 1
EP3731801B1 09 Mar, 2022 Compositions for altering the color of hair Dec, 2038 1
EP2841049B1 10 Nov, 2021 Cosmetic composition comprising mattifying fillers and a silane Apr, 2033 1
EP3481507B1 27 Oct, 2021 Cosmetic composition comprising a particular combination of surfactants, a silicone, a cationic polymer, a fatty alcohol and a clay Jul, 2037 1
EP3277253B1 13 Oct, 2021 Composition and process for shaping or altering the shape of hair Apr, 2035 1
EP3149137B1 15 Sep, 2021 Foaming cleanser May, 2035 1
EP3185843B1 11 Aug, 2021 Gel composition and gel comprising a uv filter Aug, 2035 1
EP2771070B1 07 Jul, 2021 Device for self-foaming oxidation dyeing, ready-for-use self-foaming composition and method for dyeing keratinous fibres Oct, 2032 1
EP3328236B1 30 Jun, 2021 Process for treating hair fibres NA 1
EP3407756B1 16 Jun, 2021 System and apparatus for selecting and dispensing cosmetic material NA 1
EP3364941B1 19 May, 2021 Use of glycosides to increase hair mass Oct, 2036 1
EP2713997B1 05 May, 2021 Process for treating straightened keratin fibres Jun, 2032 1
EP3134065B1 21 Apr, 2021 Composition in the form of nano- or micro- emulsion Mar, 2035 1
EP2988830B1 17 Mar, 2021 Composition for straightening keratin fibres, comprising a urea and/or a urea derivative and a nonionic, cationic, amphoteric or anionic associative polymeric thickener, process and use thereof Apr, 2034 1
EP3644734B1 24 Feb, 2021 Antimicrobial mixture containing 4-(3-ethoxy-4-hydroxyphenyl)butan-2-one and a diol, and cosmetic composition containing same NA 1
EP3389618B1 20 Jan, 2021 Process for treating keratin fibres using an aqueous composition comprising a combination of particular alkoxysilanes Dec, 2036 1
EP3393441B1 20 Jan, 2021 Dyeing composition comprising a direct dye of triarylmethane structure, and a silicone Dec, 2036 1
EP3558231B1 21 Oct, 2020 Oil-in-water emulsion and cosmetic use thereof Dec, 2037 1
EP2830584B1 16 Sep, 2020 Composition comprising (2,5-diaminophenyl)ethanol and a cellulose polymer or carboxylic anionic polymer in a medium rich in fatty substances, dyeing process and device Mar, 2033 1
EP3389789B1 09 Sep, 2020 Composition comprising the combination of specific alkoxysilanes and of a surfactant Dec, 2036 1
EP3389612B1 29 Jul, 2020 Composition intended especially for shaving the skin Dec, 2036 1
EP3344227B1 22 Jul, 2020 Composition comprising at least one anionic surfactant, at least two particular nonionic surfactants, at least one amphoteric surfactant and at least one particular cationic polymer Sep, 2036 1
EP3256101B1 17 Jun, 2020 Solid anhydrous cosmetic composition, preparation process, cosmetic treatment processes and associated kit Dec, 2035 1
EP2830573B1 22 Apr, 2020 Multi-compartment device for bleaching keratin fibres Mar, 2033 1
EP3302715B1 15 Apr, 2020 Composition comprising a particular anionic associative polymer, a particular fixing polymer and a particular anionic polymer Jun, 2036 1
EP3389604B1 08 Apr, 2020 Composition comprising a combination of particular alkoxysilanes and a fatty substance NA 1
EP3236918B2 12 Feb, 2020 Use of a fatty acid ester for mattifying the skin and composition comprising this ester NA 1
EP3016631B1 02 Oct, 2019 Cosmetic composition NA 1
EP2846761B1 21 Aug, 2019 Composition comprising (2,5-diaminophenyl)ethanol, an alkylpolyglucoside nonionic surfactant, an oxyethylenated sorbitan ester or a polyalkoxylated or polyglycerolated fatty alcohol in a medium rich in fatty substances, dyeing process and device therefore NA 1
EP2713998B2 07 Aug, 2019 Process for treating straightened keratin fibres NA 1
EP2879656B1 29 May, 2019 Dye composition in cream form comprising at least one oil and little or no solid fatty alcohol, dyeing process and suitable device NA 1
EP1317918B1 01 May, 2019 Cosmetic sunscreen compositions based on synergistic filter mixture and their use Nov, 2022 1
EP2734185B1 10 Apr, 2019 Dyeing process using a natural dye on keratin fibres that have undergone permanent reshaping Jul, 2032 1
EP2198927B1 06 Mar, 2019 Composition comprising a fatty substance and a particular oxyethylene surfactant, dyeing or lightening process using it, and devices therefor NA 1
EP2198929B1 06 Mar, 2019 Hair dye or lightening composition comprising a fatty substance and a cationic polymer, and use thereof NA 1
EP2958541B1 26 Dec, 2018 Gel-type cosmetic composition NA 1
EP2734175B1 12 Dec, 2018 Use, as antiperspirant, of a polyvalent cation salt without aluminium halide antiperspirant or compound capable of reacting with said salt in order to produce an antiperspirant effect NA 1
EP2988722B1 05 Dec, 2018 Composition comprising henna and/or indigo, an oil and a saccharide, and hair dyeing process using the same Apr, 2034 1
EP2714000B2 14 Nov, 2018 Composition comprising an alkoxysilane and a modified starch, and cosmetic use thereof NA 1
EP2879649B2 07 Nov, 2018 Dyeing composition comprising at least one fatty substance, at least one oxidizing agent and at least one non-ionic, anionic and amphoteric surfactant NA 1
EP2359800B1 12 Sep, 2018 Composition for cosmetic treatment of keratin fibres comprising volatile linear alkanes, C8-30 fatty alcohols and mono- or polyglycosides Dec, 2030 1
EP2806851B2 05 Sep, 2018 Composition comprising at least one specific alkoxysilane polymer NA 1
EP3019146B1 22 Aug, 2018 Long-wear cosmetic composition Jul, 2034 1
EP1925282B1 15 Aug, 2018 Low density cosmetic formulations, cosmetic products containing the same and methods of cosmetic treatment of hair, and/or skin using the same Nov, 2027 1
EP2964336B1 08 Aug, 2018 Colour changing composition in emulsion form comprising a partially neutralized, crosslinked acrylic homopolymer or copolymer NA 1
EP3129106B2 23 May, 2018 Compositions and dispersions containing particles comprising a polymer NA 1
EP3086761B1 16 May, 2018 Aqueous cosmetic composition comprising alkylcellulose, non-volatile oils, a hydrophilic gelling polymer and a polyol Dec, 2034 1
EP2033627B2 18 Apr, 2018 Use of a bifidobacterium species lysate for treating sensitive skin NA 1
EP3021830B1 04 Apr, 2018 Compositions and methods for treating hair NA 1
EP2866777B1 28 Feb, 2018 Reducing composition comprising at least one sulfur-containing reducing agent, at least one fatty substance, at least one cationic surfactant and at least one oxyethylenated nonionic surfactant Jun, 2033 1
EP2361605B1 24 Jan, 2018 Use of linear volatile alkane(s), solid fatty alcohol(s) and sugar-based polymeric thickener(s) for the cosmetic treatment of keratin fibres NA 1
EP2846759B2 22 Nov, 2017 Aerosol device based on sebum-absorbing powder and a particular water-insoluble mineral compound NA 1
EP2846758B1 22 Nov, 2017 Aerosol device based on a calcium salt and a fixing polymer NA 1
EP2790657B2 08 Nov, 2017 Cosmetic composition for coating keratinous fibres NA 1
EP3016630B1 25 Oct, 2017 Cosmetic composition comprising liquid fatty esters, volatile oils and thickeners, and cosmetic treatment processes Jul, 2034 1
EP1800659B1 27 Sep, 2017 Cosmetic composition comprising at least one cationic polyvinyllactam, at least one fatty alcohol and at least one polyol, method for treatment of keratin fibres and use Dec, 2026 1
EP2198843B1 13 Sep, 2017 Lightening of human keratinic fibers with a anhydrous composition comprising a mixture of monoethanolamine/basic amine acid and kit Dec, 2029 1
EP1997473B1 16 Aug, 2017 Use of a multi-carbosite, multi-group coupling agent for protecting the colour of artificially dyed keratin fibres with respect to washing; dyeing processes Apr, 2028 1
EP2934455B1 09 Aug, 2017 Combination of active agents comprising at least one essential oil, one cyclodextrin and one liquid fatty substance and composition comprising it Dec, 2033 1
EP2723308B2 02 Aug, 2017 Cosmetic composition comprising at least one particular amphoteric polymer and at least one particular conditioning agent NA 1
EP2198833B1 26 Jul, 2017 Method of coloring or lightening of human keratinic fibers with an anhydrous composition and an inorganic base and kit Dec, 2029 1
EP2234584B1 19 Jul, 2017 Composition comprising an alkanolamine, a basic amino acid and a suitably selected additional alkaline agent Dec, 2028 1
EP1145706B1 28 Jun, 2017 Composition particularly for cosmetics comprising ascorbic acid in combination with an ascorbic acid derivative Mar, 2021 1
EP2194957B1 14 Jun, 2017 Composition comprising at least one ammonium salt, aqueous ammonia and at least one amino acid Oct, 2028 1
EP2266531B1 14 Jun, 2017 Cosmetic composition comprising a superabsorbent polymer and an organic UV filter Jun, 2030 1
EP2338571B1 10 May, 2017 Agent for colouring and/or bleaching keratinous fibres in two parts, including a particular fatty body and a reductone Dec, 2030 1
EP2198831B1 10 May, 2017 Method for lightening, lightening direct dyeing or oxidation dyeing carried out in the presence of an organic amine and a mineral base; suitable kit Dec, 2029 1