LORAL patents facing oppositions

Top patents of LORAL facing oppositions at the European Patent Office (EPO).

Patent Number Grant Date Patent Title Expected Expiration Date Facing Oppositions Activity Alert
EP2793831B2 03 Oct, 2018 Cosmetic composition comprising an anionic surfactant, a solid fatty alcohol and a solid fatty ester, and cosmetic treatment process NA 3
EP2958544B1 Soft solid oil-in-water emulsion comprising a mixture of nonionic surfactants, a water-soluble polysaccharide and a wax comprising at least one ester NA 2
EP2340010B1 Process for relaxing or straightening hair, using weak mono-, di- or tricarboxylic acids with heat NA 1
EP1584327B1 Hair treatment method and its use NA 1
EP3033070B1 Process for treating keratin fibres using an aqueous-alcoholic composition comprising an organic monoacid NA 1
EP2934698B1 Trans-resveratrol or trans-resveratrol derivative composition NA 1
EP3077058B1 05 Feb, 2020 Composition comprising at least one anionic associative polymer, at least one anionic fixing polymer and at least one cationic fixing polymer NA 1
EP2906547B2 20 Nov, 2019 Cosmetic compositions containing at least one hydrotrope and at least one active compound NA 1
EP3141284B1 28 Aug, 2019 Method of straightening keratinous fibers using heating means and an acid derivative NA 1
EP3148646B2 21 Aug, 2019 Cosmetic composition for make up and for taking care of keratin materials NA 1
EP2356981B1 20 Mar, 2019 Mascara containing aqueous dispersion of polyurethane and a hard wax NA 1
EP2785308B2 03 Oct, 2018 Novel hair cleansing composition NA 1
EP2618801B2 20 Jun, 2018 Cosmetic composition comprising at least one hygroscopic salt, at least one aromatic polyol ether and at least one diol, and cosmetic treatment process NA 1
EP2790663B2 07 Mar, 2018 Cosmetic composition comprising a superabsorbent polymer and a lamellar or platelet-shaped matting mineral filler NA 1
EP2198849B2 13 Dec, 2017 Composition for oxidising dyeing of keratinous fibres comprising a fatty amide or ester NA 1
EP2198924B1 24 May, 2017 Method for dyeing keratin materials in the presence of an emulsion comprising a dye and an alkaline agent, and an oxidising composition NA 1
EP2345456B2 03 May, 2017 Anhydrous liquid screening compositioncontaining an oily phase, a specific triazine filter and an oily reological thickening or gelifying agent NA 1
EP2198737B1 19 Apr, 2017 Permanent reshaping process using a heating mechanical tensioning device NA 1