DSM ASSETS patents facing oppositions

Top patents of DSM ASSETS facing oppositions at the European Patent Office (EPO).

Patent Number Grant Date Patent Title Expected Expiration Date Facing Oppositions Activity Alert
EP2649130B1 Liner for gas storage tank NA 3
EP3357345B1 12 Feb, 2020 Process flavours with low acrylamide NA 3
EP2649175B1 29 Nov, 2017 Starter culture compositions NA 3
EP3530740B1 28 Jul, 2021 Thraustochytrids, fatty acid compositions, and methods of making and uses thereof NA 2
EP3228194B1 17 Mar, 2021 Fermented milk product with diacetyl produced with aid of lactase NA 2
EP3481216B2 03 Jun, 2020 Process for obtaining a rapeseed protein isolate and protein isolate thereby obtained NA 2
EP3481217B1 29 Apr, 2020 Rapeseed protein isolate, food comprising the isolate and use as foaming or emulsifying agent NA 2
EP3481218B1 01 Apr, 2020 Emulsion comprising rapeseed protein isolate NA 2
EP2882709B1 Transesterification process of retinol esters NA 1
EP2501438B1 Topical compositions NA 1
EP2588494B1 Polypeptide having beta-glucosidase activity and uses thereof NA 1
EP2598577B1 Fuel part and process for producing of a fuel part NA 1
EP2960325B1 Enhanced production of lipids containing polyenoic fatty acids by high density cultures of eukaryotic microbes in fermentors NA 1
EP3914605B1 07 Dec, 2022 Peptide precipitation method NA 1
EP2451962B1 13 Oct, 2021 Fermentative production of ethanol from glucose, galactose and arabinose employing a recombinant yeast strain NA 1
EP2402425B1 14 Apr, 2021 Improved brewing process NA 1
EP3172315B1 30 Sep, 2020 Phage resistant lactic acid bacteria NA 1
EP3060586B2 10 Jun, 2020 Preparation of ultra high molecular weight ethylene copolymer NA 1
EP2921155B1 08 Jan, 2020 High-quality lipids and methods for producing by enzymatic liberation from biomass NA 1
EP2543255B2 30 Oct, 2019 Anti-listerial mixed culture and method for producing cheese NA 1
EP2576801B1 02 Oct, 2019 Extraction of lipid from cells and products therefrom NA 1
EP2439267B1 21 Aug, 2019 Enzyme preparations yielding a clean taste NA 1
EP2476315B1 24 Jul, 2019 Use of a phospholipase a in the production of cake NA 1
EP2938199B2 03 Jul, 2019 Method for preparing a concentrated fermented dairy base NA 1
EP2713774B1 26 Jun, 2019 Process to produce a yeast-derived product comprising reducing sugar NA 1
EP2971088B1 27 Feb, 2019 Methods and kits to determine the sensitivity of strains of lactococcus lactis bacteria to phage infection NA 1
EP2124581B1 12 Dec, 2018 Novel method to produce cake NA 1
EP3193627B2 24 Oct, 2018 Method for producing an oil seed protein mix NA 1
EP2975949B2 19 Sep, 2018 Method for protein extraction from oil seed NA 1
EP2658517B2 06 Jun, 2018 Improved powderous vitamin e formulations NA 1
EP3113632B1 02 May, 2018 Liquid lactase compositions NA 1
EP1971219B2 21 Mar, 2018 Process flavours with low acrylamide NA 1
EP2034973B2 21 Feb, 2018 Encapsulated labile compound compositions and methods of making the same NA 1
EP2448421B1 13 Dec, 2017 High concentrated pufa emulsions NA 1
EP3066223B2 23 Aug, 2017 Heteropolysaccharides NA 1
EP2951147B1 02 Aug, 2017 Process for the preparation of diamine/dicarboxylic acid salts and polyamides thereof NA 1