Top patents of DOW facing oppositions at the European Patent Office (EPO)

Patent Number Grant Date Patent Title Expected Expiration Date Facing Oppositions Activity Alert
EP2817571B8 07 Mar, 2018 A Modular Smoke Ventilation System With Serial Control Points NA 3
EP2934464B1 28 Feb, 2018 Personal Care Compositions Comprising Anionic Surfactants And Hydrophobic Actives Jan, 2034 3
EP2970070B1 21 Feb, 2018 Method For The Production Of Ethylene Oxide NA 3
EP2449025B1 05 Apr, 2017 Ethylene-Based Polymer Compositions NA 3
EP2542621B2 21 Feb, 2024 Ethylene-Based Polymer Compositions NA 2
EP3423508B1 27 Apr, 2022 Curable Urethane Acrylate Composition NA 2
EP3129225B9 13 Apr, 2022 Oriented Polyethylene Films And A Method For Making The Same NA 2
EP3119824B1 28 Apr, 2021 Formulated Isocyanate-Reactive Blends Including Olefin Based Blowing Agent NA 2
EP3317103B1 02 Sep, 2020 Multilayer Structures And Articles Comprising The Same NA 2
EP2696974B1 14 Nov, 2018 Process For Conditioning A High Efficiency Ethylene Oxide Catalyst NA 2
EP1776328B1 18 Apr, 2018 Stabilization Of A Hydroformylation Process NA 2
EP2875073B1 24 Jan, 2018 A Linear Low Density Polyethylene Composition Suitable For Cast Film NA 2
EP2563115B1 08 Nov, 2017 Stabilized Agricultural Oil Dispersions NA 2
EP2519509B1 07 Jun, 2017 Method Of Controlling The Production Of Silver Chloride On A Silver Catalyst In The Production Of Alkylene Oxides NA 2
EP1951777B1 17 May, 2017 Method Of Molding Rigid Polyurethane Foams With Enhanced Thermal Conductivity NA 2
EP2658370B1 01 Mar, 2017 Spray Drift Systems And Methods NA 2
EP3074462B2 22 May, 2024 Moisture-And Peroxide-Crosslinkable Polymeric Compositions NA 1
EP3234197B2 24 Apr, 2024 Fine Mapping And Validation Of Qtl Underlying Fiber Content And Seed Coat Color Traits And Identification Of Snp Markers For Marker Assisted Selection Of These Traits Derived From Yellow Seed Coat (Ysc) Canola Line Yn01-429 And Its Lineage NA 1
EP2992024B2 20 Dec, 2023 A Polyethylene Composition And Articles Made Therefrom NA 1
EP3397665B2 08 Nov, 2023 Highly Grafted Ethylene-Based Polymers, Highly Grafted Ethylene-Based Polymer Compositions, And Processes For Forming The Same NA 1
EP3491041B1 14 Jun, 2023 Insulative Apparatus NA 1
EP3405510B2 07 Jun, 2023 One-Component Epoxy-Modified Polyurethane And/Or Polyurea Adhesives Having High Elongation And Excellent Thermal Stability, And Assembly Processes Using Same NA 1
EP2681260B2 31 May, 2023 A Coating Composition And Articles Made Therefrom NA 1
EP3713764B1 19 Apr, 2023 Polyolefin Based Films With Matte Surface And Improved Sealing Performance NA 1
EP3317341B1 22 Mar, 2023 Polypropylene/Inorganic Particle Blend Composition For Pvc-Free Wear Layer In Resilient Flooring NA 1
EP2024402B2 25 Jan, 2023 High Temperature Solution Polymerization Process NA 1
EP2622012B2 11 Jan, 2023 Recyclable Thermoplastic Insulation With Improved Breakdown Strength NA 1
EP3337923B2 04 Jan, 2023 Fiber Reinforced Tissue Composites NA 1
EP2449510B2 21 Dec, 2022 Application Of Machine Learning Methods For Mining Association Rules In Plant And Animal Data Sets Containing Molecular Genetic Markers, Followed By Classification Or Prediction Utilizing Features Created From These Association Rules NA 1
EP3167004B2 30 Nov, 2022 Delayed Curing High Tg Crash Durable Adhesive NA 1
EP3505680B1 24 Aug, 2022 Artificial Turf System NA 1
EP3347197B1 10 Aug, 2022 Multilayer Films, And Articles Made Therefrom NA 1
EP3214124B2 08 Jun, 2022 An Ethylene/Alpha-Olefin Copolymer Composition, And Articles Comprising The Same NA 1
EP2324071B2 04 May, 2022 Improved Process For Bonding Reactive Adhesives To Substrates NA 1
EP3197677B2 06 Apr, 2022 Polyolefin-Based Elastic Film Structures, Laminates And Methods Thereof NA 1
EP3310853B1 30 Mar, 2022 Process For Making Crosslinked Cable Insulation Using High Melt Strength Ethylene-Based Polymer Made In A Tubular Reactor And Optionally Modified With A Branching Agent NA 1
EP3690029B1 23 Mar, 2022 Reinforced Engineered Biomaterials And Methods Of Manufacture Thereof NA 1
EP3555151B1 29 Dec, 2021 Ethylene/ Alpha-Olefin Interpolymer Compositions NA 1
EP3515983B1 08 Dec, 2021 Polyethylene Compositions, And Articles Made Therefrom NA 1
EP3386712B1 01 Dec, 2021 Multilayer Polyethylene Films, And Articles Made Therefrom NA 1
EP3585854B1 13 Oct, 2021 One-Component Toughened Epoxy Adhesives Containing A Mixture Of Latent Curing Agents NA 1
EP3472295B1 21 Jul, 2021 Automatic Dishwashing Compositions With Spot Prevention Surfactant NA 1
EP3645272B1 19 May, 2021 Multilayer Polyethylene Laminates And Films For Use In Flexible Packaging Materials NA 1
EP3453532B1 31 Mar, 2021 Oriented Polyethylene Films And A Method For Making The Same NA 1
EP3606749B1 24 Mar, 2021 Polyethylene Laminates For Use In Flexible Packaging Materials NA 1
EP3214211B1 30 Dec, 2020 Artificial Turfs And Method Of Making The Same NA 1
EP2895326B1 16 Dec, 2020 Polyolefin Based Films Suitable For Thermoforming NA 1
EP3143031B1 04 Nov, 2020 Stabilized Organophosphorous Compounds NA 1
EP3519190B1 23 Sep, 2020 Blown Films With Improved Properties NA 1
EP3380534B1 02 Sep, 2020 Aqueous Polymer Dispersion And Process Of Making The Same NA 1
EP1817356B2 19 Aug, 2020 Acid Blocked, Amine Based, Autocatalytic Polyols And Polyurethane Foams Made Therefrom NA 1
EP2456679B2 19 Aug, 2020 Coated Container Device, Method Of Making The Same NA 1
EP3230364B1 19 Aug, 2020 Polyethylene Compositions Having Living Hinge Properties NA 1
EP2672817B2 05 Aug, 2020 Improved Insecticide Formulations NA 1
EP2710049B2 27 May, 2020 Novel Structural Adhesive And Use Thereof NA 1
EP3313905B1 20 May, 2020 Processes To Prepare Ethylene-Based Polymers With Improved Melt-Strength NA 1
EP2986685B2 13 May, 2020 Adhesive Compositions, Manufacture And Use Thereof NA 1
EP3205698B1 13 May, 2020 Functionalized Olefin Interpolymers, Compositions And Articles Prepared Therefrom, And Methods For Making The Same NA 1
EP2456845B2 25 Mar, 2020 Polyalkylene Glycols Useful As Lubricant Additives For Groups I-Iv Hydrocarbon Oils NA 1
EP2723493B2 18 Mar, 2020 Synergistic Herbicidal Composition Containing Penoxsulam And Pendimethalin NA 1
EP2094773B2 12 Feb, 2020 Semi-Conducting Polymer Compositions For The Preparation Of Wire And Cable NA 1
EP3091038B1 18 Sep, 2019 Olefin-Based Polymers And Dispersion Polymerizations NA 1
EP2895540B1 14 Aug, 2019 Cross-Linkable Polymeric Compositions, Methods For Making The Same, And Articles Made Therefrom NA 1
EP3082417B1 14 Aug, 2019 Additive Package Compositions For Pesticide Suspension Concentrate Formulations NA 1
EP3126442B1 14 Aug, 2019 Crosslinkable Polymeric Compositions With N, N, N', N', N", N"-Hexaallyl-1, 3, 5-Triazine-2, 4, 6-Triamine Crosslinking Coagent, Methods For Making The Same, And Articles Made Therefrom NA 1
EP3126410B1 07 Aug, 2019 Crosslinkable Polymeric Compositions With Diallylamide Crosslinking Coagents, Methods For Making The Same, And Articles Made Therefrom NA 1
EP2970187B1 26 Jun, 2019 4-Amino-6-(Heterocyclic)Picolinates And 6-Amino-2-2(Heterocyclic) Pyrimidine-4-Carboxylates And Their Use As Herbicides NA 1
EP3303406B1 26 Jun, 2019 Cellulose Ether Powders NA 1
EP2964203B1 03 Apr, 2019 Novel Esterified Cellulose Ethers Of Very High Molecular Weight NA 1
EP3155020B1 27 Mar, 2019 An Improved Process For Producing Pelletized Polymer Compositions NA 1
EP2598557B1 20 Mar, 2019 A Process For Dry-Grinding A Polysaccharide Derivative NA 1
EP2227491B1 20 Feb, 2019 Ethylene-Based Polymer Compositions, Methods Of Making The Same, And Articles Prepared From The Same NA 1
EP3270973B1 09 Jan, 2019 Aqueous Solution Of An Esterified Cellulose Ether NA 1
EP3271404B1 09 Jan, 2019 Water-Soluble Esterified Cellulose Ethers NA 1
EP3270971B1 09 Jan, 2019 Water-Soluble Esterified Cellulose Ethers Having A Low Degree Of Neutralization NA 1
EP2580279B1 09 Jan, 2019 Ethylene-Based Polymer Compositions For Use As A Blend Component In Shrinkage Film Applications NA 1
EP3270970B1 09 Jan, 2019 Gelling Esterified Cellulose Ethers NA 1
EP2356158B1 26 Dec, 2018 Coating Composition, A Process Of Producing A Coating Composition, A Coated Article, And A Method Of Forming Such Articles NA 1
EP2207830B1 26 Dec, 2018 Polyurethane Adhesive Compositions Having High Filler Levels NA 1
EP2421841B1 26 Dec, 2018 Improved Method Of Achieving And Maintaining A Specified Alkylene Oxide Production Parameter With A High Efficiency Catalyst Apr, 2030 1
EP2888290B1 26 Dec, 2018 Novel Esterified Cellulose Ethers Of High Molecular Weight And Homogeneity NA 1
EP3033460B1 21 Nov, 2018 An Insulation Member NA 1
EP2831121B1 10 Oct, 2018 A Process Of Preparing An Ester Of A Cellulose Ether NA 1
EP2611755B1 19 Sep, 2018 Method For Applying Discriminating Layer Onto Porous Ceramic Filters NA 1
EP3083541B1 05 Sep, 2018 Hydroformylation Process NA 1
EP3161037B1 15 Aug, 2018 Fast Curing Resin Compositions, Manufacture And Use Thereof NA 1
EP2598121B1 08 Aug, 2018 A Method Of Controlling The Release Of An Active Ingredient From A Dosage Form Jun, 2031 1
EP3049061B1 20 Jun, 2018 Composition Comprising An Organic Liquid Diluent And A Specific Hydroxyalkyl Methylcellulose NA 1
EP1698413B1 23 May, 2018 Silver Particle Powder And Method Of Manufacturing Same NA 1
EP2935592B1 21 Mar, 2018 Improved Split Seed Soybean Transformation For Efficient And High-Throughput Transgenic Event Production NA 1
EP3077098B1 07 Mar, 2018 Process For Preparing A Mixture Of A Cellulose Derivative And A Liquid Diluent NA 1
EP3041850B1 15 Nov, 2017 2,2,4,4- Tetrasilylpentasilane And Its Compositions, Methods And Uses NA 1
EP2969534B1 18 Oct, 2017 Panel With Fire Barrier NA 1
EP2855549B1 04 Oct, 2017 Production Of Polyisocyanurate Foam Panels NA 1
EP2338328B1 20 Sep, 2017 Certain Plants With No Saturate Or Reduced Saturate Levels Of Fatty Acids In Seeds, And Oil Derived From The Seeds NA 1
EP2414314B1 13 Sep, 2017 Hydroformylation Process With A Doubly Open-Ended Bisphosphite Ligand NA 1
EP2271212B1 30 Aug, 2017 Stabilized Oil-In-Water Emulsions Including Agriculturally Active Ingredients NA 1
EP2931779B1 30 Aug, 2017 Flame Retardant Foam Formulations NA 1
EP3002300B1 19 Jul, 2017 Polymerization Processes With Fresh Ethylene Distributions For Preparation Of Low Density Ethylene-Based Polymers NA 1
EP2906423B1 07 Jun, 2017 Sealant Composition NA 1
EP2797901B1 10 May, 2017 Formation Of Higher Molecular Weight Cyclic Polyamine Compounds From Cyclic Polyamine Compounds NA 1
EP2384351B1 10 May, 2017 High-Density Polyethylene Compositions, Method Of Producing The Same, Closure Devices Made Therefrom, And Method Of Making Such Closure Devices NA 1
EP2938646B1 10 May, 2017 A Polyolefin Composition NA 1
EP3049446B1 03 May, 2017 A Process For Recovering An Esterified Cellulose Ether From A Reaction Product Mixture NA 1
EP2134752B1 19 Apr, 2017 Methylhydroxypropylcellulose (Mhpc) For Mineral -Bound Building Material Systems NA 1
EP2752509B1 05 Apr, 2017 Artificial Grass Yarn NA 1
EP2573092B1 29 Mar, 2017 Method For The Preparation And Use Of Bis (Alkoxysilylorgano)-Dicarboxylates NA 1
EP2627676B1 08 Mar, 2017 Novel Cellulose Ethers And Their Use NA 1