Drugs that contain Citric Acid; Lactic Acid; Potassium Bitartrate

1. Drug name - PHEXXI

Patent Number Company Patent Title Patent Expiry Activity Alert
These patents focus on the other aspects of the active substance like dosage, mode of administration (oral, tablet, capsules, liquids etc).
US6706276 EVOFEM INC Compositions and methods for trapping and inactivating pathogenic microbes and spermatozoa Mar, 2023

(4 months from now)

US10568855 EVOFEM INC Compositions and methods for enhancing the efficacy of contraceptive microbicides Mar, 2033

(10 years from now)

Treatment: Prevention of pregnancy


More Information on Dosage
Strength Dosage Availability
1%;1.8%;0.4% GEL;VAGINAL Prescription

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