Drugs that contain Bazedoxifene Acetate; Estrogens, Conjugated

1. Duavee patents expiration

Drug Patent Number Company Drug Patent Title Drug Patent Expiry Activity Alert
These drug patents protects the active chemical substance. Only drug patent owner can launch products that use this active substance.
US7683051 WYETH PHARMS Crystalline polymorph of bazedoxifene acetate
Mar, 2027

(3 years from now)

These drug patents focus on the other aspects of the active substance like dosage, mode of administration (oral, tablet, capsules, liquids etc).
US6479535 WYETH PHARMS 2-phenyl-1-[4-(2-aminoethoxy)-benzyl]-indole and estrogen formulations
May, 2024

(2 months from now)

Market Authorisation Date: 03 October, 2013

Treatment: Prevention of postmenopausal osteoporosis; Treatment of moderate to severe vasomotor symptoms associated with menopause


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