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USRE42353 GENZYME CORP Quinazoline derivatives and pharmaceutical compositions containing them
Sep, 2017

(6 years ago)

US7173038 GENZYME CORP Quinazoline derivatives as VEGF inhibitors
Aug, 2021

(2 years ago)

US8642608 GENZYME CORP Quinazoline derivatives as VEGF inhibitors
Feb, 2022

(2 years ago)

US8067427 GENZYME CORP Pharmaceutical compositions comprising ZD6474
Aug, 2028

(4 years from now)

Caprelsa is a drug owned by Genzyme Corp. It is used for treating symptomatic or progressive medullary thyroid cancer that is unresectable locally advanced or metastatic. Caprelsa uses Vandetanib as an active ingredient. Caprelsa was launched by Genzyme Corp in 2011. It is is available in tablet form for oral use. Its generic launch date based on the last expiry date of its patents and exclusivities combined is estimated to be Aug 08, 2028 (This date is subject to change depending upon the patent filing activities by the drug owner or exclusivity additions to its drug application)

Drug Exclusivity Drug Exclusivity Expiration
New Chemical Entity Exclusivity(NCE) Apr 06, 2016
Orphan Drug Exclusivity(ODE-9) Apr 06, 2018
Orphan Drug Exclusivity(ODE) Apr 06, 2018

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NCE-1 date: 07 April, 2015

Market Authorisation Date: 06 April, 2011

Treatment: For use in patients having symptomatic or progressive medullary thyroid cancer, with unresectable locally advanced or metastatic disease

Dosage: TABLET

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