Zoryve generic

Zoryve is a topical treatment for plaque psoriasis owned by Arcutis. The drug contains the active ingredient roflumilast and was first authorized for market use on 29th July, 2022. It currently holds 6 drug patents, none of which have expired.

When will Zoryve generic be available?

The generic version of Zoryve is expected to be available after the 25th of August, 2037, following the expiration of the last standing patent. This makes Zoryve generic a long-awaited milestone in making this psoriasis treatment more accessible.

Zoryve uses

Zoryve, with roflumilast as its active ingredient, is used for the topical treatment of plaque psoriasis, including in intertriginous areas, in patients aged 6 years and older.

Zoryve patent expiration

Zoryve holds a total of 6 patents, all related to Roflumilast's crystal growth inhibition and the drug's formulation for improved delivery and plasma half-life. The last of these patents is set to expire on 25th August, 2037. This sets an anticipated release date for Zoryve generic. Below are the details of the patents:

Zoryve dosage

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