Zetia generic

Zetia is an orally administered drug owned by Organon. The main active ingredient of this medication is ezetimibe. Zetia was granted its first market authorization on 25th October, 2002. This drug holds a total of four patents, however, two of these have already expired.

When will Zetia generic be available?

The patent US7612058 with the title 'Methods for inhibiting sterol absorption' is the last one to expire on 30th April 2026. This suggests that the generic versions of Zetia could potentially become available after this date. Irrespective of other patents' expiry dates, the availability of Zetia generic is primarily determined by this particular patent. Hence, anticipate the release of the Zetia generic post 30th April 2026.

Zetia uses

Zetia has been primarily formulated to treat conditions related to hyperlipidemia. The drug is effective in reducing elevated levels of total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, Apo B, and non-HDL cholesterol in patients diagnosed with primary hyperlipidemia. The active ingredient, ezetimibe, contributes to these effects by inhibiting sterol absorption, either when applied alone or in combination with a statin or fenofibrate. In addition to this, Zetia can also be used to lessen elevated plasma sterol and/or stanol levels in mammals.

Zetia patent expiration

Zetia holds a total of four patents. The last patent affecting the release date of Zetia's generic version is US7612058 which is set to expire on 30th April 2026. Below are the details of the patent:

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