Viberzi generic

Viberzi is an anti-diarrheal drug owned by Allergan Holdings and contains the active ingredient eluxadoline. The drug was first authorized for market use on 27 May, 2015.

When will Viberzi generic be available?

The last patent of Viberzi expires on 14 March, 2033. After this date, generic drugs may be available. The large number of patents for Viberzi could be suggestive of a long exclusivity timeline for this drug.

Viberzi uses

Viberzi (eluxadoline) is commonly used as a treatment for irritable bowel syndrome with diarrhea (IBS-D). The drug works by reducing the frequency of abdominal pain and diarrhea in patients. It is available in oral tablet dosage forms and is usually prescribed to be taken twice daily with food.

Viberzi patent expiration

Viberzi has a total of 20 drug patents, none of which have expired. The patents cover diverse aspects from compounds as opioid receptor modulators to opioid receptor modulator dosage formulations. The last patent for Viberzi is set to expire on 14 March, 2033. Below are the details of the patent:

EPO Oppostions filed on Viberzi

Viberzi dosage

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