Velphoro generic

Velphoro is an anti-hyperphosphatemia drug owned by Vifor Fresenius. It contains the active ingredient ferric oxyhydroxide and was granted market authorization on November 27, 2013. Velphoro, available in chewable tablet form for oral administration, holds a total of 22 patents.

When will Velphoro generic be available?

The patents for Velphoro are expected to begin expiring in 2028, with the last patent ending in May 2035. As such, generics of Velphoro could potentially become available after May 26, 2035.

Velphoro uses

Velphoro is used primarily to manage and control phosphorous levels in patients. Its active ingredient, ferric oxyhydroxide, binds to dietary phosphate in the digestive tract, reducing its absorption and thereby controlling phosphorous levels in the blood.

Velphoro patent expiration

Velphoro holds a total of 22 drug patents. The earliest patent is expected to expire in 2028, but the last patent for Velphoro - likely extending the life of its exclusivity - expires in May 2035. For those curious about the prospects of a Velphoro generic, this will be a date to watch. Below are the details of the patent:

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