Trokendi Xr generic

Trokendi Xr is a drug owned by Supernus Pharms and was authorized for market use on 16 August, 2013. The drug's active component is topiramate.

When will Trokendi Xr generic be available?

The patents for Trokendi Xr are due to expire on 04 April, 2028, which may potentially allow for the release of Trokendi Xr generics post this date.

Trokendi Xr uses

Trokendi Xr, containing topiramate, is effective in treating epilepsy and is also used prophylactically for the treatment of migraines. topiramate's efficacy in these treatments makes Trokendi Xr a versatile drug.

Trokendi Xr patent expiration

Trokendi Xr holds a total of 10 patents, the last of which is due to expire on 04 April, 2028. This expiration could possibly pave the way for Trokendi Xr generic versions. Below are the details of the patents:

Trokendi Xr dosage

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