Tradjenta generic

Tradjenta is an anti-diabetic drug owned by Boehringer Ingelheim. This drug was first authorised for market use on 2nd May 2011. Tradjenta has a total of 18 drug patents, out of which 2 have already expired. The active ingredient in Tradjenta is linagliptin.

When will Tradjenta generic be available?

The generic version of Tradjenta is expected to be available after the 5th of September 2031. This date coincides with the expiration of its last patent, US8853156 titled 'Treatment for diabetes in patients inappropriate for metformin therapy'.

Tradjenta uses

Tradjenta is primarily used for treating type 2 diabetes mellitus. It performs this function effectively thanks to its active ingredient, linagliptin, which can be administered in several ways: in combination with insulin (with or without metformin and/or pioglitazone), or as a dipeptidyl peptidase-iv inhibitor either independently or in combination with metformin, and/or a sulfonylurea. Additionally, it can be used to treat type 2 diabetes mellitus in patients with severe chronic renal impairment and for whom metformin therapy is inappropriate.

Tradjenta patent expiration

Out of Tradjenta's 18 drug patents, the patent due to expire last is US8853156, titled 'Treatment for diabetes in patients inappropriate for metformin therapy', which is expected to expire on 5th September 2031. Tradjenta generic will be possible after this date. Below is the detail of the patent:

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