Solodyn generic

Solodyn is an anti-acne drug owned by Bausch. It contains minocycline hydrochloride as the active ingredient and comes in extended release tablet form for oral administration. First authorized for market use on 08 May, 2006, Solodyn now holds a total of 8 drug patents, none of which have expired.

When will Solodyn generic be available?

The generic version of Solodyn is expected to be released after 17 November, 2031. This date corresponds to the expiry of the drug's last patent, US9192615, which covers a method for the treatment of acne and certain dosage forms thereof.

Solodyn uses

Solodyn is commonly used for the treatment of acne and inflammatory lesions due to non-nodular moderate to severe acne vulgaris. The effectiveness of the drug is due to its active ingredient, minocycline hydrochloride, that treats acne by reducing inflammation and bacterial growth.

Solodyn patent expiration

Solodyn holds 8 active patents, the last of which is set to expire on 17 November, 2031. This could pave the way for the release of the Solodyn generic. Below are the details of the patent:

Solodyn dosage

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