Slynd generic

Slynd is a contraceptive pill owned by Exeltis Usa Inc. Its active ingredient is drospirenone. Slynd was first authorized for market use on 23 May, 2019. Currently, Slynd holds 13 valid patents, and none have expired yet.

When will Slynd generic be available?

The generics of Slynd may be released after the expiry of the last patent on 28 June, 2031. This projected Slynd generic release date is based on the expiration of the last patent that was filed to prolong the market exclusivity of Slynd.

Slynd uses

Slynd, containing drospirenone, is primarily used for preventing pregnancy in women of reproductive age. The active ingredient, drospirenone, acts by inhibiting the release of an egg during the menstrual cycle.

Slynd patent expiration

Slynd holds a total of 13 active patents, all of which are set to expire on 28 June, 2031. The major patents held by Slynd are for 'Pharmaceutical compositions comprising active drugs' and 'Synthetic progestogens and pharmaceutical compositions comprising the same'. Once these patents expire, the Slynd generic may hit the market. Below are the details of the patents:

EPO Oppostions filed on Slynd

Slynd dosage

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