Rocklatan generic

Rocklatan is an ophthalmic solution owned by Aerie Pharms Inc. The active ingredients of Rocklatan are Latanoprost and Netarsudil Dimesylate. It was first authorised for use on 12 March, 2019, and is currently protected by 16 drug patents.

When will Rocklatan generic be available?

The patents protecting Rocklatan are yet to expire, allowing Aerie Pharms Inc. to maintain exclusive manufacturing rights. The last of these patents is due to expire on 14 March, 2034, which means that Rocklatan's generic version could potentially be released after this date, subject to any drug patent challenges which can be filed from 18 December, 2021.

Rocklatan uses

Rocklatan is primarily used for the reduction of elevated intraocular pressure. The effectiveness of this drug is derived from its active ingredients, Latanoprost and Netarsudil Dimesylate. These chemical components work together to relieve eye tension, thus making it a reliable treatment option.

Rocklatan patent expiration

Rocklatan, owned by Aerie Pharms Inc., is covered by 16 patents. The final patent is projected to expire on 14 March, 2034, marking the earliest potential date for the release of Rocklatan generic. Below are the details of the patent:

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Rocklatan dosage

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