Protonix generic

Protonix is an anti-acid drug owned by Wyeth Pharms. The drug contains pantoprazole sodium as its active ingredient. It was granted market authorization on 14th November 2007. The drug is available in suspension, delayed release and oral dosage forms.

When will Protonix generic be available?

The Protonix generic release date is set for 7th December 2026. This is based on the expiry of its last relevant patent (US7544370*PED), titled 'Pantoprazole multiparticulate formulations', which is due to expire on 7th December 2026.

Protonix uses

Protonix has various uses. It is used to treat erosive esophagitis, hypersecretory conditions including Zollinger-Ellison syndrome, for the maintenance of healing of erosive esophagitis, and for the reduction of symptoms in patients with GERD. Its active ingredient, pantoprazole sodium, effectively controls the production of stomach acid, contributing to its remedial properties.

Protonix patent expiration

Protonix holds a total of 8 active patents. The last patent (US7544370*PED), titled 'Pantoprazole multiparticulate formulations', is set to expire on 7th December 2026, following which Protonix generics will potentially be available. Below are the details of the patent:

Protonix dosage

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