Pristiq generic

Pristiq is an antidepressant drug owned by Pf Prism Cv. The active ingredient in Pristiq is desvenlafaxine succinate. Pristiq, available in tablet and extended release forms, was first authorized for market use on 29th February 2008. Pristiq has a total of 2 drug patents, with US6673838 being the patent that has expired.

When will Pristiq generic be available?

The Pristiq generic release is estimated to occur after 5th July 2027. This date is determined by the expiration of its last active patent, US8269040 titled 'Derivatives of venlafaxine and methods of preparing and using the same', which expires on 5th July 2027. One of the patents, US6673838, has already expired.

Pristiq uses

Pristiq is used for treating and maintaining major depressive disorder (MDD). Its active ingredient, desvenlafaxine succinate, which is also referenced in one of Pristiq's patents, contributes to the drug's efficiency in combating depression.

Pristiq patent expiration

Pristiq holds two patents, with the last one, 'Derivatives of venlafaxine and methods of preparing and using the same' (US8269040), set to expire on 5th July 2027. This expiration will pave the way for Pristiq generics. Below are the details of the patent:

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