Oxtellar Xr generic

Oxtellar Xr is a treatment for partial-onset seizures produced by Supernus Pharms. The drug, which was first authorized for market use on 19 October, 2012, contains the active ingredient oxcarbazepine. As of now, Oxtellar Xr holds a total of 10 patents, none of which have expired.

When will Oxtellar Xr generic be available?

The potential release date for Oxtellar Xr generics is 13 April, 2027, which is the expiry date of the last patent held by the drug. This patent protects the unique modified release preparation of Oxcarbazepine, used in Oxtellar Xr. The presence of several patents contributes to the delay of the generic release.

Oxtellar Xr uses

Oxtellar Xr, containing the active ingredient oxcarbazepine, is primarily used for the treatment of partial-onset seizures. The extended-release tablet form of the drug ensures a prolonged and stable release of oxcarbazepine into the body, which aids in effectively managing and reducing the frequency of seizures.

Oxtellar Xr patent expiration

Oxtellar Xr holds a total of 10 active patents, all of which relate to its unique modified release preparations of Oxcarbazepine. These patents are set to expire on 13 April, 2027, making it the potential release date for Oxtellar Xr generic. The patent details are as follows:

Oxtellar Xr dosage

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