Minivelle generic

Minivelle is an estrogen-containing transdermal drug developed and owned by Noven. Its active ingredient is estradiol, and it comes in an extended release film for transdermal application. First authorized for market use on October 29, 2012, Minivelle is protected by four drug patents. The method for administering Minivelle is unique, as stated in US patent no. 9730900, and involves a monolithic transdermal drug delivery system.

When will Minivelle generic be available?

The generic version of Minivelle is expected to be released after the final patent expires on July 4, 2030. Notably, the last patent (US8231906) protecting this drug is about its unique transdermal delivery system, which significantly influences the projected Minivelle generic release date.

Minivelle uses

Minivelle's unique method of delivery, as stated in US patent no. 9730900, comprises a monolithic transdermal drug delivery system. This system contains a backing layer and a single adhesive polymer matrix layer that aids in the sustained and controlled release of estradiol into the body. This helps in maintaining hormonal balance and treating menopausal symptoms.

Minivelle patent expiration

Minivelle has four patents. The latest patent (US8231906) regarding its transdermal delivery system is set to expire on July 4, 2030. It is after this date that Minivelle generic versions may become available. Below are the details of the patent:

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