Metrogel generic

Metrogel is an anti-inflammatory drug containing the active ingredient metronidazole, owned by Galderma Labs Lp. This drug, sanctioned for market use on 30 June, 2005, serves as a once-a-day topical treatment for the inflammatory lesions associated with rosacea.

When will Metrogel generic be available?

The generic version of Metrogel may become available after 21 February, 2022. This date marks the expiration of the last patent, namely, US7348317 and US6881726 titled 'Aqueous compositions containing metronidazole'. Metrogel generic entry might have been a consequence of a Para IV filing.

Metrogel uses

The main component in Metrogel, metronidazole, has been found particularly effective for reducing inflammation and redness caused by rosacea when applied topically. This unique property sets this gel formulation apart, making it a sought-after treatment for inflammatory lesions caused by this skin condition.

Metrogel patent expiration

The majority of Metrogel's 2 patents have expired, indicating the likelihood of Metrogel generic becoming available soon. The final patent, US7348317 and US6881726, titled 'Aqueous compositions containing metronidazole', expired on 21 February, 2022. Below are the details of the patent:

Metrogel dosage

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