Loreev Xr generic

Loreev Xr is an anti-anxiety drug owned by Almatica. The drug, which contains the active ingredient lorazepam, was granted market authorization on 27 August 2021. Currently, Loreev Xr has one active patent.

When will Loreev Xr generic be available?

According to the last active patent that is set to expire on 8 January 2034, Loreev Xr generics are expected to be released after this date. It's important to note that the final generic release date may also depend on factors like Para IV filings, if any.

Loreev Xr uses

Loreev Xr is used as a once-daily treatment for anxiety disorders in adults. Its effectiveness is due to its active ingredient, lorazepam, which impacts the central nervous system to reduce anxiety symptoms.

Loreev Xr patent expiration

Loreev Xr currently has one active patent - US8999393, titled 'Sustained release formulations of lorazepam', which will expire on 8 January 2034. After this date, it is possible for Loreev Xr generic versions to enter the market. Below are the details of the patent:

Loreev Xr dosage

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