Latuda generic

Latuda is an antipsychotic medication owned by Sunovion Pharms Inc. It contains the active ingredient lurasidone hydrochloride. Latuda was first authorized for market use on October 28, 2010. Currently, it holds a total of 15 drug patents, none of which have expired.

When will Latuda generic be available?

The generic version of Latuda is not available at this time due to existing patents. The final Latuda patent ('Method of treatment for mental disorders' - US9259423*PED) is expected to expire on November 23, 2031. Following the expiration of this patent, it will be possible for other manufacturers to produce and market generic versions of Latuda.

Latuda uses

Latuda can be used for the treatment of schizophrenia, particularly with the improvement in negative symptoms and/or cognitive dysfunction of schizophrenia. It can also be used for the treatment of bipolar depression with the improvement in attention function in schizophrenia and/or bipolar disorder. The effectiveness of Latuda stems from its active ingredient - lurasidone hydrochloride. This component influences the activity of certain natural substances in the brain, which can affect thinking, mood, and behavior.

Latuda patent expiration

Latuda has a total of 15 patents, none of which have expired. The last patent is anticipated to expire on November 23, 2031. As a result of this, the Latuda generic is forecasted to be available after this date - November 23, 2031. Below is the detail of the patent:

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