Jublia generic

Jublia is an antifungal drug owned by Bausch and contains the active ingredient efinaconazole. It was first authorized for medical use in 2014. The global onychomycosis market is expected to be valued at US$ 4.7 million in 2023. There are 17 drug patents protecting Jublia in United States, but as of now none of those patents have expired.

When will Jublia generic be available?

Jublia (efinaconazole) topical solution currently has patent protection until April 25, 2035. This means Jublia generic will be available in the market after April 25, 2035, unless a Paragraph IV certification is filed challenging the patents before expiration.

Jublia uses

Jublia uses involve treating fungal infections of the toenails and fingernails. The active ingredient in Jublia, efinaconazole, works by preventing fungus from growing and spreading in and under the nail. Jublia uses are specifically FDA approved for treating onychomycosis, which is a common fungal infection of the nail bed resulting in thickened, brittle, distorted nails.

Jublia patent expiration

Jublia has 17 patents covering formulation, methods of use, and delivery that expire between 2026 and 2035. With patents lasting over 10 more years, patent expiration will prevent Jublia generic until 2035. Below is the list of Jublia patent expiration -

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