Jatenzo generic

Jatenzo is an oral testosterone supplement owned by Clarus. Its active ingredient is testosterone undecanoate. Jatenzo came to the market on 27 March, 2019 and is used primarily for addressing testosterone deficiency in men.

When will Jatenzo generic be available?

The generic version of Jatenzo is projected to be released after 20 December, 2030. This date corresponds with the expiration of the last major patent held for Jatenzo, identified as US8492369 titled 'Oral testosterone ester formulations and methods of treating testosterone deficiency comprising same' set to expire on 20 December, 2030.

Jatenzo uses

Jatenzo, containing the active ingredient testosterone undecanoate, is primarily used to treat testosterone deficiency in men. This drug comes in an oral capsule format, providing a convenient method of hormone supplementation for those suffering from low testosterone levels.

Jatenzo patent expiration

Jatenzo, the proprietary testosterone supplement of Clarus, is protected by numerous patents. The last patent (US8492369) with relevance to Jatenzo generic release is set to expire on 20 December, 2030. Below are the details of the patent:

EPO Oppostions filed on Jatenzo

Jatenzo dosage

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