Jadenu generic

Jadenu is an oral therapeutic drug owned by Novartis Pharms Corp. It contains the active ingredient deferasirox. The drug was first authorized for market use on 30 March, 2015.

When will Jadenu generic be available?

The generic version of Jadenu would potentially be available after 21 November, 2034. This release date is contingent on the expiration of the patent US9283209 titled 'Oral formulations of deferasirox'.

Jadenu uses

Jadenu, with its active ingredient deferasirox, is extensively used in treating chronic iron overload due to multiple blood transfusions. It functions by helping the body to remove excess iron.

Jadenu patent expiration

The generic release of Jadenu is influenced by its patents. The drug's last patent, 'Oral formulations of deferasirox' (US9283209), is due to expire on 21 November, 2034. Ahead are the details of the patent:

EPO Oppostions filed on Jadenu

Jadenu dosage

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