Fleqsuvy generic

Fleqsuvy is a medication owned by Azurity and was first authorized for market use on 04 February, 2022. The drug contains baclofen as its active ingredient and is available in a suspension form that can be administered orally.

When will Fleqsuvy generic be available?

Fleqsuvy holds 2 patents in total and none of them have expired yet. It indicates that the generic version of Fleqsuvy might be released after the last patent expires on 29 September, 2037.

Fleqsuvy uses

The primary use for Fleqsuvy is in the treatment of spasticity resulting from multiple sclerosis. The active ingredient, baclofen, contributes to the effectiveness of the drug in managing this condition.

Fleqsuvy patent expiration

Fleqsuvy holds 2 patents with none having expired yet. The last of its patents, US11324696 titled 'Suspensions and diluents for metronidazole and baclofen', is set to expire on 29 September, 2037, post which, the Fleqsuvy generic might be released. Below are the details of the patents:

Fleqsuvy dosage

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