Farxiga generic

Farxiga is an anti-diabetic drug owned by Astrazeneca Ab. The active ingredient in Farxiga is dapagliflozin. This drug was first authorized for market use on 08 January, 2014. Currently, Farxiga has a total of 16 drug patents associated with it, none of which have expired yet.

When will Farxiga generic be available?

The Farxiga generic is expected to become available after the last Farxiga patent expires on 09 March, 2040. This last patent, titled 'Methods of treating heart failure with reduced ejection fraction' (US10973836), plays a crucial role in the potential for a generic version of Farxiga. It is important to note that the availability date for generic Farxiga is not necessarily tied to the expiration date of this patent due to potential Para IV filings.

Farxiga uses

Farxiga is primarily used for the treatment of type 2 diabetes mellitus. It can also be used in combination with exenatide, another diabetic medication. This combination treatment can be especially useful in patients where glycemic control (hba1c < 7.0%) is not achievable using other insulin medications or metformin. Additionally, Farxiga is used for the reduction of the risk of cardiovascular death and hospitalization in adults with heart failure with reduced ejection fraction, even without type ii diabetes.

Farxiga patent expiration

Farxiga, with its numerous uses in treating diabetes and reducing heart failure risks, holds 16 patents, the last of which expires on 09 March, 2040. It's the 'Methods of treating heart failure with reduced ejection fraction' patent (US10973836) that influences the availability of the Farxiga generic. Below is the detail of the patent:

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