Epsolay generic

Epsolay is a drug owned by Galderma Labs Lp. It was first authorized for market use on 22 April, 2022. The drug's active ingredient is benzoyl peroxide and it comes in cream; topical dosage forms. Epsolay holds a total of 7 drug patents.

When will Epsolay generic be available?

The generic version of Epsolay will likely be available after 27 December, 2040, once the last patent has expired.

Epsolay uses

Epsolay is primarily used for the topical treatment of inflammatory lesions of rosacea in adults. It is effective for those aged 18 years and older, including seniors over 65 years. The active ingredient, benzoyl peroxide, contributes to its efficacy.

Epsolay patent expiration

Epsolay has seven patents, their expirations ranging between 2028 and 2040. The last patent, titled 'Method for therapeutic treatment of rosacea', expires on 27 December, 2040. This patent will dictate the release date for Epsolay generic. Below are the details of the patent:

Epsolay dosage

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