Dsuvia generic

Dsuvia is an acute pain reliever owned by Acelrx Pharms. The active ingredient in Dsuvia is sufentanil citrate. The drug was first authorized for market on 02 November, 2018 and it's available in tablet;sublingual dosage forms.

When will Dsuvia generic be available?

The generic version of Dsuvia is expected to be released after 29 July, 2031, following the expiration of the last patent. This development would promote competition in the pharmaceutical industry and is likely to lead to significantly lower prices for consumers.

Dsuvia uses

Dsuvia, which has sufentanil citrate as its active ingredient, is used for the treatment of acute pain. It provides relief by reducing the intensity of pain signals reaching the brain and affects those areas of the brain that control emotional responses to pain.

Dsuvia patent expiration

Dsuvia holds a total of 18 drug patents, none of which have expired. The last patent, titled 'Sufentanil solid dosage forms comprising oxygen scavengers and methods of using the same,' is set to expire on 29 July, 2031. For more about when Dsuvia generics could be available, the details of the patents are listed below:

Dsuvia dosage

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