Cuvposa generic

Cuvposa is an effective drug for reducing severe chronic drooling owned by Merz Pharms. The active ingredient in Cuvposa is glycopyrrolate, and it was first authorized for market use on 28th July, 2010.

When will Cuvposa generic be available?

There are 2 patents for Cuvposa, both of which have expired. However, the possibility for a Cuvposa generic release is expected after 20th August, 2023. This is largely due to the expiration of the last patent, titled 'Method for increasing the bioavailability of glycopyrrolate.'

Cuvposa uses

The active ingredient in Cuvposa, glycopyrrolate, works effectively to reduce chronic severe drooling (i.e., sialorrhea) in patients with neurologic conditions associated with problem drooling.

Cuvposa patent expiration

Cuvposa has a total of 2 patents - US7638552 and US7816396 - both of which have expired. The last patent is expected to expire on 20th August, 2023. This paves the way for the release of a Cuvposa generic. Below are the details of the patent:

Cuvposa dosage

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