Corlanor generic

Corlanor is a heart failure drug manufactured by Amgen Inc., containing ivabradine hydrochloride as the active ingredient. This drug was granted market authorization on 15th April, 2015. It is available in an oral tablet dosage form.

When will Corlanor generic be available?

Corlanor's generic release date is projected to be 13th June, 2027. The date is based on the expiration of the last drug patent, which focuses on the γ-crystalline form of Ivabradine Hydrochloride.

Corlanor uses

Corlanor's effectiveness in treating heart failure arises from its active ingredient, ivabradine hydrochloride. It is specifically used in the crystalline form for this purpose.

Corlanor patent expiration

Corlanor holds 8 patents, the latest of which expires on 12th June, 2027. It covers the γ-crystalline form of Ivabradine Hydrochloride. Below are the details of the patent, pertinent to the Corlanor generic release date:

Corlanor dosage

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