Clobex generic

Clobex is a topical treatment for scalp psoriasis, owned by Galderma Labs. The active ingredient in Clobex is clobetasol propionate. It was first authorized for market use on February 5, 2004.

When will Clobex generic be available?

The Clobex generic is expected to be released after January 3, 2022. This date marks the expiry of the last patent held by Galderma Labs. The patent (US7700081) pertains to foaming compositions for hair care.

Clobex uses

Clobex is primarily used as a topical treatment for scalp psoriasis. Its active ingredient, clobetasol propionate, is a corticosteroid that helps reduce swelling, itchiness, and redness associated with scalp psoriasis.

Clobex patent expiration

Clobex holds a single patent, which expired on January 3, 2022. Below are the details of the patent:

Clobex dosage

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