Cequa generic

Cequa is an ophthalmic drug owned by Sun Pharm. It contains the active ingredient cyclosporine and was first authorized for market use on 14 August, 2018. The drug is available in solution form and has a total of 4 patents.

When will Cequa generic be available?

The earliest possible date for the release of Cequa generic is after 28 February, 2037, when the last patent expires. This date could possibly change in case of a successful Para IV filing.

Cequa uses

Cequa is primarily used to increase tear production in patients suffering from keratoconjunctivitis sicca, also known as dry eye. The effectiveness of the drug can be attributed to its active ingredient, cyclosporine.

Cequa patent expiration

Cequa holds four patents. The newest patent, titled 'Topical cyclosporine-containing formulations and uses thereof,' is set to expire last on 28 February, 2037. The potential availability of Cequa generic depends on this patent's expiry. Below are the details of the patent:

Cequa dosage

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