Bryhali generic

Bryhali is a topical medication owned by Bausch, launched on 06 November, 2018. The active ingredient in this product is halobetasol propionate. It is used primarily in the treatment of plaque psoriasis in adults. Bausch currently holds 2 patents for Bryhali.

When will Bryhali generic be available?

The generic version of Bryhali is projected to become available after 02 November, 2031, following the expiration of the last patent held by Bausch.

Bryhali uses

Bryhali is used predominantly for the topical treatment of plaque psoriasis in adults. Utilizing halobetasol propionate as its active ingredient, it is effective in reducing the symptoms of psoriasis.

Bryhali patent expiration

Bausch holds two significant patents for Bryhali, both titles being 'Pharmaceutical formulations containing corticosteroids for topical administration' and both set to expire on 02 November, 2031. The availability of Bryhali's generic version will be possible post the patent expiration. Below are the details of the patents:

Bryhali dosage

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