Astepro generic

Astepro is an anti-allergic drug owned by Mylan Speciality Lp. The drug contains the active ingredient azelastine hydrochloride. Astepro was first authorized for market use on October 15, 2008 and is available in spray, metered; nasal dosage forms. This drug holds a total of 3 patents, all of which are still active.

When will Astepro generic be available?

While Astepro currently holds three active patents, the generics of Astepro are expected to be released after June 4, 2028. This is because the last patent held by the drug, US8071073 (titled 'Compositions Comprising Azelastine and methods of use thereof'), will be expiring on this date, paving the way for the release of Astepro generics into the market.

Astepro uses

Astepro is primarily used in the treatment of allergic rhinitis, including both seasonal and perennial forms. The effectiveness of this drug is mainly attributed to its active ingredient, azelastine hydrochloride, a potent antihistamine and mast cell stabilizer that reduces inflammation, congestion, and other allergy symptoms.

Astepro patent expiration

Astepro holds a total of three patents, with patent US8071073 being the last to expire on June 4, 2028. This patent, titled 'Compositions Comprising Azelastine and methods of use thereof', can possibly affect the release date of Astepro generics. For more details about this and other patents, see the information below:

Litigations filed on Astepro

Astepro dosage

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